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I'm a UX/UI designer Austin based, who loves clean,
simple & unique design.

Model Sustainability
Shifting our models, services and projects from a high-to-low cost entity requires taking a fresh look at the organisation’s vision. That, and how well our strategic approach serves our greater purpose. Being clear on the desired impact of our work focuses our effort, and reveals new possibilities in delivering through our people and generating profit.

In clearly defining the bigger picture and setting measurable goals, Direct Path works to open up new routes to success. Establishing a strategy that increases effectiveness, leverages your strengths and positions you influentially as a changemaker all works towards your long-term viability as a creator of social value.

Talk to us about:
● Purpose Definition
● Strategic Mapping
● Project Positioning

Income Generation
The scale of our organisation’s impact depends on our ability to attract affluence. To that end, a keen eye on both our costs and income streams is essential in sustainably making change. When aligned with our overarching strategy, highlighting the investment needed to resource our ambitions allows us to be more focused when funding our work.

In mapping out how financial savings and security can be achieved, Direct Path enables the growth of change making endeavours. Extending your enterprise and sourcing additional revenue boosts your resources, increases your reach and fuels your ability to drive transformation both internally and externally.

Speak to us about:
● Grants and Bid Applications
● Commissioning Approaches
● Commercial Opportunities

Capacity Building
The capability of our organisation’s ability to achieve its ambitions is a direct output of the people we engage to deliver it. Therefore, an honest assessment of how our teams work best is fundamental. When we’re sufficiently resourced to engage in the work needed, having the right people in the right place makes all the difference in having impact.

In understanding who and how to best support your journey in creating change, Direct Path supports you and your talent to maximise impact. Placing people where their gifts will best deliver, investing in individual skills and coaching teams to outperform all combine to improve your ability in impacting wider communities.

Get in touch about:
● Resource & Skill Shaping
● Coaching and Mentoring
● Service Innovation

Community Creation
The difference we make in the lives we are looking to impact is wholly influenced by our approach to the communities they’re a part of. Examining the factors that directly and indirectly influence your audiences provides major opportunities for change. When co-produced with the people due to benefit from your offering, our ability to society is exponentially increased.

In understanding how to integrate diverse and disparate groups of people, Direct Path facilitates respectful and understanding engagement of both internal and external audiences to your organisation. Putting the creation of social value at the centre of every project, the power of collective working and the people you serve at the centre of your efforts, the transformation you effect is holistic.

Reach out about:
● Framework and Model Creation
● Programme Design and Delivery
● Project Management Support