Our Works

In positively transforming social value creation, Direct Path brings considerable cross-sector experience in creating innovative routes to collective change.

In our work, we influence both internally and externally to the organisation, engender the creation of financial wealth and social capital, and scale impact through both individuals and communities in creating the change you want to see.

Our skills in creating sustainable models, generating income, building capacity and modelling vital communities are leveraged across the public, third and private sector, with purpose, people and profit all considered in ensuring the longevity, profitability and effectiveness of each enterprise we work with.

Government Departments, Local Authorities and the Public Sector

With the flow of public investment ebbing, the need to more effectively approach the creation, delivery and outcomes of services, programmes and projects is essential. Direct Path’s experience in local authority brings an understanding perspective to the work, combined with the ability to open new possibilities for each organisation in creating impact through people, including our service users and internal teams.

Charities, Social Enterprises and the Third Sector

As social investment increases in scarcity, the need to examine a broader investing framework is imperative to the sustainability of charitable entities and social enterprises. Direct Path’s experience in commissioning and commerce allows for a broader capital perspective, combined with a strategic approach for each endeavour in generating profit, both in monetary and human terms.

Businesses and the Private Sector

As consumers and citizens increasingly expect conscientious conduct from the brands they buy from, considering value with a wider lens is now crucial in conducting business. Direct Path’s leadership of charitable bodies lends itself to seeing the social value inherent in each operation, combined with the lean practice of the public sector, allows for the efficient and exponential creation of profit in every sense.

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