About Us

About Us

As a social impact consultancy working across the sector, at Direct Path we create innovative routes to bring in collective change.
Engaging with changemakers and progressive organisations who are mindful of the triple bottom line – namely purpose, profit and people -we help set the course for wholly positive social value transformation.

We re-energise organisations for the WELLBEING of society

Starting with a clear sense of purpose and a strategic road map to achieving your goals, every enterprise has the ability to maximise its impact – internally and externally.

Encouraging collaborative working with partners and cross-organisational teams – all co-produced with the people for whom you’re looking to effect change – Direct Path enables all parties to benefit in progressing towards a communal good.

We re-vitalise wealth generation for SUSTAINABLE growth

Through examining your income streams and identifying new ways to generate commercial gains, each endeavour has the potential to maximise profitability – financially and socially.

Empowering organisations through open-minded practices and examining the broader potential of the operation – all in alignment with the societal gains intended – Direct Path lays the groundwork for measurable long-term success.

We re-invest in PEOPLE for maximum impact

By assessing your talent and understanding the journey individuals need to take to enhance collective capability, all ventures provide the capacity for growth.

Personally and collectively.

Supporting leaders to set the course for change with understanding and respect for every human connected to the organisation – all with the aim of connecting communities – Direct Path creates positive value for society as a whole.

Ameena Ahmed

As director and lead social impact consultant behind Direct Path, Ameena Ahmed brings considerable cross-sector experience as a dynamic thinker for social good.

Her strategic partnership endeavours in children’s services at Tameside Borough Council, combined with a long-held director’s role in support charities such as Off the Record and Parenting 2000, all benefit the outcome-focused, change-facilitating and human-centred work she engages in through Direct Path.

A longstanding engagement with The Women’s Organisation – supporting start-ups and scaling women-led businesses – in the North West of England to maximise income and impact has seen her skills in transforming enterprises extend to the private sector (E.g. businesses). Working hands-on with purposeful, passionate and future-thinking individuals to create wider social change is where her most powerful work takes place.

Focusing her considerable energy on creating a flow of wealth which benefits society as a whole, Ameena’s undertakings engage changemakers in creating more innovative, influential and sustainable organisations.

Centred around a broader social vision which combines purpose, people and profit, her ambition with Direct Path is to expand the value we place on our work and impact as individuals, communities and societies.